Certificate I in Active Volunteering CHC10212


The certificate builds on basic generic skills required by all volunteer-involving organisations that enable volunteers to effectively participate in the organisation and undertake their volunteer work using basic practical skills required for the job.


Certificate I in Active Volunteering is a nationally accredited qualification from the Community Services Training Package CHC08 designed especially for volunteers. The qualification is designed for volunteers to learn new skills and/or update their current skills, work effectively in the organisation of their choice and gain a qualification that provides a pathway to other vocational qualifications and improve their employability skills.

Because much of the assessment is done in conjunction with volunteer work, applicants must be able to demonstrate that their studies are supported by volunteering. The training is logbook-based.

Areas covered in the course include:

  1. What it means to be a volunteer, and volunteer orientation.
  2. The unique context of volunteering and how this impacts on volunteer work practices.
  3. How to work safely and effectively in environments particular to volunteers, including understanding how legislation affects volunteering.
  4. How to communicate and work effectively with diverse groups of people while volunteering.
  5. How to work effectively with clients and within the scope of organisational policies and procedures.

Nationaly Recognised Training


The five units selected to meet the needs of our students are:

  1. Be an effective volunteer CHCVOL201B
  2. Develop work priorities BSBWOR404B
  3. Participate in WHS processes HLTWHS200A
  4. Create client relationship SRXGCSO01A
  5. Apply basic communication skills BSBCMM101A

Plus a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer placement.

Unit One: Be an effective volunteer

This unit covers what it means to be a volunteer and deals with the volunteer’s orientation to the organisation.

Unit Two: Develop work priorities

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to plan one’s own work schedules, to monitor and to obtain feedback on work performance and development.  It also addresses the requirement to take responsibility for one’s own career planning and professional development.

Unit Three: Participate in WHS processes

This unit specifies the workplace performance required for an entry level employee to participate in WHS processes in the workplace, in order to ensure their own health and safety at work, as well as that of others in the workplace who may be affected by their actions.

Unit Four: Create client relationship

This unit is designed to assist you to develop the skills and knowledge to create effective and positive client relations.

Unit Five: Apply basic communication skills

This unit covers the development of communication skills in the workplace.

Starting points

Enrolments can be accepted for the full Certificate I course or for individual units. Students wishing to enrol in individual units should discuss their requirements with School staff.


The Certificate I in Active Volunteering is available:

  1. Externally by distance learning for individual applicants
  2. By a combination of direct delivery and external preparation and assignment work (offered in partnership with organisations)
  3. By submitting a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application

Download the training and assessment strategy (the course road map) Adobe PDF


The minimum time required to complete all requirements of the Certificate, by either mode of delivery, must include 30 hours of volunteer placement. It would normally be expected that students would complete the certificate in six months depending on the amount of regular volunteer hours. Students may wish to extend their studies over a longer period.


On enrolment each student is allocated a tutor who will support the student throughout the course. Contact with the tutor will be not less than monthly, but is usually more frequent, and will be in accordance with the tutoring schedule agreed between student and tutor.


For more details please contact the School of Volunteer Management

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