Legally Speaking I (1 day)

This workshop is suitable for volunteer managers, supervisors and coordinators. It allows organisations to tailor the content of the workshop to its specific needs. The workshop is presented by the School’s legal trainer.


To introduce participants to the key legal requirements and obligations of employing and managing volunteers, and other legal topics specific relevance to your organisations current needs.

Topics include:

  1. The “core” module which comprises:
    1. Distinction between volunteers and paid staff
    2. Rights and responsibilities of volunteers and organisations
    3. Duty-of-care and negligence
  2. A selection of topics from the following totaling three (3) hours duration:
    1. Occupational Health and Safety: Including the Civil Liability Act and the implications for volunteers and the organisation (1–3 hours duration)
    2. Anti-discrimination Law: Implications for volunteers, managers and organisations (1 hour duration)
    3. Confidentiality and Privacy (1 ½ hours duration)
    4. Grievance Procedures and Dismissal Processes (2 hours duration)
    5. Insurance Cover for Volunteers: Includes insurance, public liability and directors liability (¾ hour)
    6. Child Protection Laws and Volunteers (¾ hour)

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