Individual Training

With the exception of Accredited Training Courses and Short Courses which anyone can attend, other training activities, e.g., Professional Development Workshops, are, in the main, conducted in-house for organisations at their request. Short Courses and other “public” training activities which anyone can attend, e.g., the Speak Up! Speak Out! workshops, are advertised on the School’s website, The Centre for Volunteering’s Website and social media.

Most Professional Development Workshops and customised training are conducted in-house for client organisations, so to allow individuals to access the full range of training courses offered by the School, a number of easily accessible and low-cost options are now provided.  Individuals can now take up one or more of these options at any time and the option or options selected are brought together by the School into an Individual Training Plan.

To assist individuals to fulfil their training needs, a number of individual training options are available:

  • Option 1 – For individuals to “piggyback” on the PD workshops of other organisations. Fees for these workshops are low and are charged by the client organisation, not by the School.
  • Option 2 – The School can develop a “bespoke” training program for individuals which could involve one-to-one training, normally in 1 to 1½ hour sessions.
  • Option 3 – Complete specific units of registered training. This option can be undertaken in conjunction with Option 2.


The training fee charged will depend on the option or options selected and included in the final Individual Training Plan.

The following expenses incurred by the School in the preparation, delivery, etc, of training or services will be on-charged to the client “at cost to the School” as follows for:

  1. Travel expenses incurred within the Sydney Metropolitan Area when the training/service is delivered 25km or more from the Sydney CBD. It will be at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approved “per kilometre” rate or the taxi fee incurred.
  2. Travel, accommodation and incidental expenses incurred when the training/service is delivered outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area. If applicable, the ATO approved “per kilometre” rate will apply.


To record your interest in undertaking individual training telephone the School on 02 9261 3600.

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